On Sunday, October 22, 2023, the Colon Community Outdoor Enrichment organization, partnering with Colon High School students, will host the 1st ever, annual Lakeshore Long Run 13.1 and Palmer Pump 5K races. You can play a significant role in making these historic races a success.

The Colon Community Outdoor Enrichment (CCOE) was created specifically to broaden Colon and surrounding area recreation opportunities. In addition, the CCOE, supports two current initiatives: 1) Veterans Park buildout, 2) student scholarship development. The success of these initiatives depends on sponsorships to cover fundraising event expenses.

The development of the Lakeshore Long Run and the Palmer Lake Pump are the direct creation of students attending Colon High School, Colon, Michigan –The goal to provide much needed scholarship opportunities in an economically disadvantaged region for students wanting to continue their education in a trade school or college environment. The students desired to create a meaningful and long-term race event series designed to be annual and volunteer supported.

Managing a race with two separate objectives and several hundred athletes is a considerable undertaking. An untold number of volunteer hours go into making both races successful and ensure a positive impact. The Colon Community Outdoor Enrichment organization is, by definition, a group of (Text was not complete)

The requirements of a quality race are significantly higher than they were two decades ago when outdoor events gained momentum. The races require a computerized timing system that tracks each athlete, websites for information, registration and posting results, sanctioning from national racing organization, law enforcement to keep racers safe and separated from motorists, emergency medical personnel on standby at all times, race course directional and safety signage, commemorative T-shirts, hydration, finishing medals, awards, prizes, portable facilities, communication equipment and more.

All of these take resources and funding – funding that we would rather use for the community projects/initiatives – and provide direct support to the kids. This is a valued and very public opportunity, and your support will help defray the expenses. We hope you will be part of the story as a financial sponsor and/or provide in-kind support. Additionally, donated prizes, giveaways, and/or coupons for athlete registration bags are a great way to gain exposure, and market your organization to the running community and show your support.

Note: An early commitment & signed sponsorship agreement will ensure maximum exposure on all marketing materials.

In-Kind Donations

Business logo will be placed on marketing material based on value of donation.

Donations help support post-race meal/food for athletes and support personnel involved to offset expenses.

Beverages & snacks for athletes: finish line hydration and nutrient replacing foods, post-race fruit, yogurt, energy bars, etc.

Coffee & breakfast snacks for volunteers who will be working very hard Potential music & entertainment during the event/post event to celebrate.