The Colon Community Outdoor Enrichment (CCOE) is a non-profit organization with the purpose to develop events and activities and fund raise aimed toward the creation, preservation and revitalization of the surrounding Colon Michigan community. 


Runners Race weekend declared in Colon, Michigan and taking place October 19th, 2024

Colon, MI – the CCOE lead and Race Director, Tim Haidl, is proud to announce the second annual Runners Race weekend with the Lakeshore Long Run Half Marathon and Harvest Hustle 5k / 10k, which will take place October 19th, in the Colon, MI area.

Components of Runners Race weekend include The Lakeshore Long run, which is a serious 13.1-mile half marathon, followed by the Harvest Hustle 10k and 5k, for the intermediate runner. The Lakeshore Long run takes place early October 19th, followed by the Harvest Hustle series.

This is the second year for the races with the incorporation of a 10k. All of the races were conceived by Colon High School students as part of the DECA marketing course.” said Haidl, “‘the students did such a fantastic job last year that we are continuing the races this year”.    

In addition to providing an unforgettable running experience, these races support a worthy cause. Proceeds from the events will openly benefit the students by being the first established scholarship fund tied directly to community service activities. Half of the proceeds will be set aside for each student that helps with the race in the form of a scholarship. When that student graduates and enrolls in either college or trade school the scholarship will be available for them.